Classic SketchUp Pro Network License to Subscription

$348.00 NZD +GST

Classic SketchUp Pro Network Licenses can be converted to SketchUp Pro Subscriptions – heavily discounted, at the ratio of  1:4  Subscriptions per Network seat, but not exceeding a total of 50 discounted seats.

Subscribing is a more flexible way to access SketchUp software, allowing for more effective budgeting and simpler management for teams.

With a Subscription, you have access to a larger suite of tools to enhance design workflows and additional capabilities delivered through Trimbles cloud services:

● SketchUp for Web Premium
● Viewer apps for HoloLens, VR and Mobile
● Trimble Connect with unlimited Cloud Storage and Visualise
● Higher Resolution DigitalGlobe Maps Grid Import

Additionally, you will have access to new features and releases as they launch.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR SKETCHUP PRO NETWORK LICENSE SERIAL NUMBER – To find your Serial Number in SketchUp 2020 navigate to HELP > MANAGE LICENSE or HELP > LICENSE in older versions

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What happens to a converted network classic license?

• M&S ends on the date of conversion and cannot be reinstated

• Classic network license cannot be upgraded to a newer version

What is the duration of the promotion?

The promotion runs from 00:00 (MST) May 14, 2020 through to 00:00 (MST) September 24, 2020.

Can I still use my classic network license after conversion?

No, you cannot continue to use your classic network license. It will be deactivated within 30-days of conversion.

Will the promotional pricing apply to subscription renewals?

No, the promotional pricing may only be used for the initial term of the subscription and is not available for renewals.

Can a SketchUp Pro perpetual license be converted to a different Trimble product under this promotion?

No, the promotion is valid only on 1-year subscriptions of SketchUp Pro. It is not valid for use on other products or licenses.

Buying a Subscription

SketchUp Pro Subscriptions in NZ are distributed through us – an official Trimble SketchUp Partner.


You will receive your subscription details and instructions on how to login to access it within one business day.


Your subscription can be accessed on multiple computers, but only one computer at a particular time. If you need to transfer your subscription to a new computer Read Here.

Subscription License

Subscriptions will automatically renew in one year unless you cancel prior to the renewal date under Your Account.


Every subscription receives one year of free support from our local NZ SketchUp gurus.


Any upgrades released in your subscription period you receive FREE.

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