Seamlessly integrate 3D scan data into any CAD system

Creaform VXmodel is a simple yet powerful tool to complement your CAD software. An essential addition to Creaform’s line of 3D scanners, it enables you to perform post-treatment to finalise your 3D scan data for use in 3D printing or CAD software.


VXModel is software for reverse engineering. Import your mesh and start repairing by smoothing or patching holes or merging meshes together. You can then add different geometry entities to the part based off mesh triangle selections. With all of the built in tools for fine tuning the selection sets it is very easy to apply planes and circles and cones to extract geometry from the scanned mesh. Once you have the mesh aligned and all of the surfaces and geometries created you can export this into a SOLIDWORKS Part file or as a STEP file to open in any other CAD program.



Mesh Editing

VXmodel provides simple, yet efficient tools required to prepare 3D scan mesh for reverse engineering and/or 3D printing. Easily clean, fill, and merge meshes, fill holes and seal meshes watertight.


Easily adjust 3D models for desired results using the highly flexible alignment tool. Achieve the best fit by using datum/entities suited to the design needs.

Geometrical Entities

VXmodel enables you to easily generate NURBS surfaces for characterizing free-form surfaces. Easily extract and approximate geometric entities from scanning data such as: curves, cross-sections, & analytic surfaces. Export geometric entities to CAD software for later use in design or analysis.

Transfer to CAD

Seamlessly export to any CAD platform using standard formats (.iges, .step, .dxf). It’s as simple as a click to transfer parametric entities. Direct transfer to CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk and Solid Edge.
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