Creaform develops, manufactures and sells 3D measurement technologies for industrial applications, including self-positioning 3D scanners & portable coordinate measuring machines. 

Our team of skilled metrologists support and provide high quality 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control & inspection and technology integration services.  

Whether you choose to purchase a creaform technology or use our services, we guarantee you highly accurate results & total satisfaction.

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Geomagic Design X is the most comprehensive reverse engineering software, combining history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing so you can create feature-based, editable solid models compatible with your existing CAD software.

Geomagic Qualify X, focuses on delivering measurement, comparison and reporting software tools for first-article and automated inspection processes. Data from point cloud and 3D scanners and Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) can be used, as well as CAD data imported into the system.

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SPIRIT is BIM software for architects. A modern intuitive user interface, menu-navigation oriented toward the working processes of the architect/planner, combined with intelligent features and drawings styles, make SPIRIT equally a simple and productive tool.

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V-Ray for SketchUp provides designers with faster rendering, better lighting tools, and the ability to create and visualize complex scenes. This designer-friendly rendering solution for Sketch-Up features dramatic improvements to visualization workflow with V-Ray RT and improved image-based lighting quality with V-Ray Dome Light.

Improvements have also been made to V-Ray Proxy which allows for easier scene management of highly detailed models.

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Trimble SketchUp is software that you can use to create 3D models of anything you like.


Redecorate your living room. Design a new piece of furniture. Create a skatepark for your hometown, then export an animation and share it.


There's no limit to what you can create with SketchUp.