Twinmotion 2016

 Visualization & 3D Immersion


Space in motion

You manipulate your model directly in 3D, as in a game. Choose how to move, the speed and mode: walking, driving, flying or a step-by-step immersive “walkthrough.”

The interface with chronological tabs continuously guides you. The logic behind Twinmotion allows you to progress step-by-step in the construction of the scene. From the perspective to orthographic views, you can observe your project from any angle. For even more precision, access the Object manager and its advanced features to customize your workspace.


Intuitive interface


Optimized workflow

Twinmotion is compatible with all the 3D modelers on the BIM market. From the concept to the communication, when you make changes, you can easily update models already imported to Twinmotion without losing all the work done previously.


Twinmotion is recommended for any architect who needs to visualize and present their designs.

Michiel Quist 3D World Magazine

"It’s a different approach than the construction of a physical model. It frees the imagination in terms of what forms, things, implications or tests can be."

Pierre Roscelli IT Director, Renzo Piano Workshop

"It’s a tool that allows us to move faster."

Christophe Gardelle Project Manager; Aéroports De Paris

"It allows you to work faster on large projects, and requires less than half the effort of other software. The time saved allows you to go further in development; work becomes interactive, it becomes fast essential."

Remi Lichnerowicz Associate Architect, Chaix & Morel Et Associés

"Renderings are absolutely transparent: what you see really is what you get. The customer becomes an active participant in the project and can look wherever he pleases. He takes ownership of the subject."


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