Artisan Organic Toolset

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Product Info

Artisan is a SketchUp extension filled with powerful organic modeling tools. It is perfect for designers to create:

• Terrain
• Furniture
• Characters
• Abstract Sculptures
• Fabric, curtains, and pillows
• Rocks, tree trunks, and plants
• and much more!


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Subdivision Surfaces

  • Robust subdivision algorithm that can handle very complex geometry
  • Subdivide and smooth selected faces, groups, or components
  • Crease edges or vertices to create hard edges
  • Knife subdivide tool for creating loops
  • Extrude tool to create loops without interior faces
  • Low-poly ‘Proxy Mode’ that automatically updates the subsurface geometry as you edit
  • Maintain texture position after subdividing
  • Quickly preview subsurface geometry prior to committing
  • Perform subdivision or smoothing on any selection of faces

Sculpt Tools

  • Sculpting Brush
    • Sculpt
    • Pinch/spread
    • Flatten
    • Inflate /deflate
    • Smooth / jitter
  • Select Brush (select faces by performing strokes)
  • Paint Brush (paint SketchUp materials on faces using virtual brushstrokes)
  • Symmetrical sculpting mode using with user-defined work plane
  • Lock vertices to user-defined work plane

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Vertex Transformation Tools

  • Soft Selection
  • Soft Move, Rotate, and Scale
  • Make Planar (XY, XZ, YZ, or best fit)

Mesh Optimization (Polygon Reduction)

  • Reduce the number of polygons in a mesh by a given percentage

Compatible With

  • SketchUp Make 2016+
  • SketchUp Pro 2016+
  • PC and Mac


Friday, 01 June 2018
Character Modeling is now enjoyable with SketchUp and Artisan!
Super User