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Profile Builder 2

Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials using parametric Profiles and Assemblies.


Profile Builder is like the Follow Me tool 'on steroids'. It has been designed for professionals who want to model intelligent building materials with extreme speed and accuracy.
It may forever change the way you model with SketchUp.


Ability to define and save custom profiles

Intelligent modelling of real building materials

Automatic orientation of profile extrusion along any path

Ability to edit a path and automatically update the extrusion

Full control of profile orientation (placement point, rotation, offsets, etc.) along a path

Profile Member Path Inferencing (PMPI)

Automatic edge smoothing

Export material quantity reports

Downloadable profile libraries


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Softtech Scaffmax

Finally, a plugin for a simple survey of a building! A scaffolder is not a computer or CAD specialist, so they must find a tool that is easy, fast and comfortable to use, yet still allows for complex, nested building forms. We have found the "trick": scaffmax in conjunction with universal design tool SketchUp is the solution for the planning framework for the future!

scaffmax 1

  •  Intelligent preparation with no complex wall structures
  •  25 years of experience in scaffolding construction
  •  Compatible with all major scaffolding systems
  •  Unbeatable price / performance ratio

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Our wall tools are simple but very effective. Walls, Parallel Walls and Wall Extensions. You will be amazed.

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Solid Sections
The ‘Solid Section’ feature will add a solid face to your sections. Very useful.

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Doors, Windows and Wardrobes 
Dibac’s default Doors, Windows and Wardrobes are some great dynamic components.

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Converting to 3D automagically 
Simply jaw-dropping! Click just one button and Dibac will convert your 2D into 3D.

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Custom components and joinery 
You can use any self-hosted component or joinery in your projects.

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Create staircases dynamically in just no time!


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