When you work with SPIRIT you are working with a professional CAD program in both worlds: 2D drawing and 3D building model. You have the choice which way of working suits you better. The integrated interfaces allow you to simply import building data. This makes you indepen¬dent of the software systems which your partners are using in the open BIM process.

Take a look at the most important new features of SPIRIT 2016:

  • The new Level Manager in SPIRIT 2016 enables you to create and edit your levels (floors) with a clear structure. You can also use the new wall and ceiling components. This makes working with architectural components a lot easier.
  • SPIRIT 2016 offers a new recovery assistant. This gives you an extra in data security.
  • The current version SPIRIT 2016 gives you even more usage-based solutions - such as the new magnetic cursor, the dynamic input options as well as improved handling of references.

And there are still a lot more advantages in SPIRIT 2016 for you!

SPIRIT 2016 stands for a safe, efficient and economical working process, independent of 2D or 3D – set for the future!

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