The Making-Of “Ancient Villa” by Julio Carlos de Campos

Twinmotion architectural rendering tutorial

We are pleased to share with you today the Making-Of “Ancient Villa” by architect Julio Carlos de Campos. This is the second time that Julio has unveiled his secrets of architectural rendering using Twinmotion. Here, he demonstrates in this Making-Of how he prepared a SketchUp model for rendering in Twinmotion, how to organize and enrich his User Library and, most importantly, how to recreate this rendering from scratch. 


© Julio Campos


This Making-Of tutorial explains my workflow and the elements I used to create this “Ancient House” rendering using SketchUp and the 3D rendering software Twinmotion 2019. The 3D model is created by Luis B. from 3D Warehouse. I’ll start the tutorial by explaining how I prepare the SketchUp model and the materials for rendering in Twinmotion.

Specifications of this project

Architect: Julio Carlos de Campos
Reference Project: Vivenda 1 – wall leak series by Luis B. on 3D Warehouse
Computer specifications: Intel Core i7-7700K – 4.2GHz – RAM 16.0 GB – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6G
Software Used: SketchUp, Twinmotion 2019
Rendering Time: rendered in 4K in 12 seconds.

Preparing the SketchUp model

This SketchUp model is well-designed and already mapped with textures. I only need to clean up the scene and adjust materials to facilitate material application in Twinmotion.

I started by removing all vegetation, knowing that Twinmotion has abundant 3D trees and tools to add vegetation easily. Then, I separate the surfaces by applying the same material to all the surfaces using the same texture. In this way, we can collapse the SketchUp model by materials while importing it into Twinmoton in order to optimize Twinmotion performance.

Enrich Twinmotion User Library

In addition to the abundant library sources that Twinmotion provides by default, it’s also possible to save new 3D objects to the Twinmotion User Library for future use. With this SketchUp model, I decided to save the stone wall to my User Library collection. In the following video, I show how I saved this SketchUp format in the Twinmotion User Library and a quick glance at my User Library organization.

The Making-Of "Ancient Villa" from scratch

It’s a pleasure to have Julio here to share his workflow with us. We hope this tutorial is useful for you. If you’d like us to publish a Making-Of of your project, please feel free to reach out to us.

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