SketchUp 2020.1 is here.

Based heavily on user feedback, SketchUp polished up a few features that will keep your workflow humming along smoothly!

Read on to learn more about the User-friendly updates in SketchUp Pro 2020.1

Freshening up SketchUp Pro 2020

Scenes Panel

Now that you’ve had some time to enjoy better toggling visibility with hidden geometry and objects, this feature just got even better. Hidden geometry and hidden objects are now split up so you can select and save them separately on a Scene-by-Scene basis. You will see a new checkbox in the Scenes panel that lets you save the visibility state of hidden objects, not just hidden geometry. This gives you better visibility control per Scene.

SU20201 PointRelease Graphic1 Scenes 2400x1800 1

Section Planes & Scenes

In the new version of SketchUp, you can save Section Plane visibility in every Scene.  Since Section Planes are grouped with objects, we want to make sure they behave like objects. What’s the value here? Before this change, only top-level visibility could be saved per Scene. Again, more control in your Scenes and consistency across functionality. 

SU20201 PointRelease Graphic2 SectionPlanes 2400x1800 1
SU20201 PointRelease Graphic3 HiddenObjects 900x675 GIF

Hidden objects are now editable

Editing invisible things might sound like a superpower, but it’s really just a great new feature in SketchUp Pro. When you select a hidden object in Outliner, it will now appear as a mesh. This means that you can make more precise edits to hidden objects with ease.

Empty object

Picture this: you are working up a new table design and quickly model a lamp to make it look more realistic but oops!   you did it too fast and forgot to group your lamp and table separately. Now, everything is glued together, creating editing reworks and wasted time.

The solution? Now, you can create a grouped object or component by right-clicking on an empty space. No more triple-clicking to select and then group, or drawing it elsewhere just to place it where you want it. Pro tip: you can also use the ‘G‘ shortcut to create a new component and speed up your workflow. (Shortcut win!)

One last added bonus! When you create a new component from scratch, a window will immediately pop up allowing you to name it. Say hello to better model organization.

SU20201 PointRelease Graphic5 EmptyObjects 2400x1800 Static

LayOut 2020.1 Improvements

This release focused on improving LayOut’s deletion and selection capabilities. They’re much faster now!

Improved Select Tool

Make intentional not accidental moves with your crossing and window-selection workflows. Now, when you click-drag to create a crossing or window selection, you won’t mistakenly move anything. If you’ve encountered this, you know what we’re talking about… and you’re welcome! 

If you’re wondering, “how do I move an object now?” just pre-select an entity and move from there. Also, selections and moves now occur when clicking on the actual object, rather than the object’s bounding box, strengthening that intentional workflow.

SU20201 PointRelease Graphic6 LayOutSelect 1600x1200 GIF

All of the 2020.1 features are available to Classic license users with active Maintenance & Support, and active SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio subscription users.  Upgrade today to start using new features!