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SketchUp Studio is a Windows-only offering that includes V-Ray and Scan Essentials, integrated seamlessly with SketchUp Pro. This allows you to create photo-realistic renders and turn point clouds into 3D models, directly inside of SketchUp.

Advance your workflow.

SU2021 Studio Beautiful Designs

Beautiful designs, backed by data

Move designs forward with confidence

Quickly import, view, and model straight on point cloud data to ensure design accuracy.

Communicate your designs

From conceptual to photoreal, create compelling visual assets quickly and with ease.

Collaborate efficiently

Access, review, and annotate up-to-date models and drawings in a single, robust platform.

Accurately model in 3D

Increase workflow efficiency by importing, viewing and modeling directly on point cloud data from terrestrial scans, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, mobile mapping, and drone captures. Use Scan Essentials to precisely — and rapidly — ensure model accuracy no matter the size of your file. Finalize the 3D details and prep your project for the final build by creating 2D documentation from point cloud data directly in LayOut.
SU2021 Studio Accurately Model in 3D
SU2021 Studio HQ Visuals

Generate high-quality visuals

From detailed high-rise buildings to interior floor plans, add realism into your projects using V-Ray. With atmospheric effects, global illumination, natural lighting, real-life textures, and shading options, you will truly be able to showcase your project in the best light with just a few steps.

What's new in SketchUp Studio 2023?

Shave hours off your Revit-to-SketchUp workflow

The new Revit file import feature within a Studio subscription allows you to accurately and efficiently convert your Revit models into SketchUp geometry for deeper collaboration across project phases, teams, and stakeholders. Various workarounds do already exist to export Revit models to SketchUp, but this new importer saves the most time, is more accurate in geometry conversion, and leads to much lighter models.

By preserving model structures between Revit and SketchUp – Revit families and layers neatly translate to groups, components, and tags in SketchUp – you can save hours or even days of model cleanup and progress your project with accuracy. A smoother transition between design phases allows you to focus on what’s essential: fine-tuning your vision.

“The Revit Importer sped up my importing and cleans up workflows from a couple of days to a few hours, even with complex models.”

-Carl Goodiel, VDC Manager

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New Revit Importer, Flip-Tool changes, and Referenced .DWGs

Why use the Revit Importer?

  1. Improve collaboration with project stakeholders who create Revit deliverables.
  2. Preserve model structures between software for less cleanup.
  3. Move Revit models into SketchUp to iterate new ideas quickly.
  4. Build efficiencies; the imported Revit file is automatically optimized for easier geometry manipulation in SketchUp and significantly reduces file size.
  5. Create compelling visuals; Revit material colors and transparencies are respected during import to speed up visualization workflows.
  6. Translate Revit levels to SketchUp section planes.
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For a full overview of how to use the Revit Importer, watch this Skill Builder.

Trimble has made the Revit Importer a native functionality in SketchUp’s desktop application. Customers with Studio subscriptions can access this feature as soon as they update to the 2023 version. Customers with Pro subscriptions can install the Revit Importer in SketchUp 2023 and then initiate a trial to evaluate this new workflow. No Revit license is required.
“We love the Revit Importer. It has saved us lots of time, and to my amazement, the converted file sizes are much smaller than other methods. This importer has become essential to our workflows. “ -Shyam Singh, GLMV Architecture
sketchup vray

Discoverable and connected workflows

Using Studio’s new common installer, you can discover, download, and install all the tools you need for advanced workflows and complex projects. The subscription also includes V-Ray 6 for creating cutting-edge visuals and Scan Essentials for importing point cloud data – both were enriched with new functionality in late 2022. Please note that SketchUp Studio is a Windows-only subscription. Download SketchUp 2023 Now ➔

Breakthroughs for Desktop

Build your anything – faster – with new modeling and documentation features and improvements in SketchUp. Explore a brand new Flip tool that replicates design elements predictably, manage DWG files in LayOut, and more.

Take the guesswork out of Flip transformations — the brand-new Flip tool lets you pre-visualise the outcome to model more predictably. Previsualise the plane you want to flip your selection along, then hover over the red, green, or blue planes to confirm the proper orientation. Click to flip! Fewer clicks and undoes means you can focus more of your valuable energy on developing a symmetrical relationship, evaluating it, and modifying it.

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New flip-tool in action

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.DWGs as references in LayOut

Reign over referencing in LayOut

In LayOut, Trimble is fortifying interoperability by adding the ability to manage imported DWG files as references. Sound familiar? It’s the same process for managing referenced files in LayOut, but now they’ve expanded it to apply to all images, text files, or AutoCAD drawings. View all external file references, receive notifications if a file reference is outdated, and update, relink, or remove a file reference using the File Reference Manager. Better still, all your custom style edits (line weights, scale, and viewport positions) stay intact even when reference files are updated. Document and present your work confidently, knowing that all your references are up-to-date without wasting previous layout and styling work.

An enhanced, high-value offering

From the Studio overhaul to cross-subscription modeling improvements, SketchUp has removed workflow barriers to unleash your creativity in 2023. If you already have a Pro or Studio subscription, you can access SketchUp 2023’s time-saving improvements by downloading it here. If you do not already own SketchUp you can also download a 30-day trial version of Studio on the same page.

SketchUp 2023 Release Scale Figure jpg
Heather, Senior Software Engineer at SketchUp, had a significant hand in the updates for 2023.

Download SketchUp Studio 2023

See for yourself how these updates can enhance your professional workflows.

What's included in SketchUp Studio?

SketchUp (3D)

Worlds #1 3D desktop app combined with the accuracy & detail needed to produce professional models.
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LayOut (2D)

Link your 3D models in Layout to generate professional, compelling 2D drawings & diagrams. Changes are automated.
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SketchUp for Web

Access and edit your projects from the cloud on any device, anywhere. All you need is the Internet and your device.
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sketchup revit importer ico

Revit Importer (NEW)

Save hours by accurately and efficiently importing and converting your Revit models into SketchUp geometry.
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Scan Essentials (NEW)

Turn point clouds into 3D models in a matter of minutes & ensure model accuracy no matter the size of your file.
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V-Ray for SketchUp (NEW)

Generate photorealistic renders and free up space on your computer with access to V-Ray’s rapid cloud rendering.
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3D Warehouse

Join the 31 million users each year who find and share almost any object in the world’s most popular free 3D model library.
Check out the 3D Warehouse
Extension Warehouse Mark RGB

Extension Warehouse

SketchUp integrates with an enormous library of plugins/extensions you can use to meet more advanced 3D modelling requirements.
Check out the Extension Warehouse

Trimble Connect

Link data from more than 60 industry tools to keep projects running on schedule and on budget, from concept to build.
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Mobile Viewer

Take clients on a Virtual Tour of a Project using the SketchUp Viewer for Mobiles & Tablets.
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NZ Local Service & Support

Purchasing your Subscription through Professional CAD Systems gives you access to support from our local SketchUp experts.
SketchUp Support & FAQs

Virtual Reality/XR

Own an Oculus or HTC headset? You can view your models in VR with an active subscription.
Download for Oculus, HTC, SteamVR
Download for WMR/Hololens

Why SketchUp Studio?


Become a Master Modeller

SketchUp was built to be an intuitive, easy-to-learn system, with our online tutorials and support service you will master the program in no time.

KeyCreator Icon

Customize your SketchUp

SketchUp Extensions are add-ons that can take your modelling to the next level, including producing renders, designing interiors and much more.


Export and Share Your Models

Publish photo-realistic renders of your model, develop 2D and 3D flythroughs and export to an image or video file for sharing with your clients.


No Experience Necessary

SketchUp is nimble and lightweight software that does not require specialist teams to implement and maintain the package.


Turn models into documents

LayOut is a 2D presentation toolkit that helps you to showcase your SketchUp models and create accurate, detailed construction drawings.


Working Construction Documentation

Annotate your drawings as intensively as you’d like. Combine text, graphics and dimensions to create fully documented working drawings ready for construction.

Who uses SketchUp?

Hundreds of thousands of professionals in (take a deep breath) architecture, construction, engineering, commercial interiors, light construction, landscape architecture, kitchen & bath design, urban planning, game design, film & stage, woodworking, and plenty of other fields use SketchUp Pro all the time, every day. It’s the all-purpose antidote to complicated, expensive CAD software.

SketchUp License & Subscription Plans

Let's find the right SketchUp for you.

SketchUp 2023 System Requirements

  • Windows: 10 or 11 (64-bit)
    MacOS: 11 (BigSur), 12 (Ventura), 13 (Ventura)
  • Any modern processor with 2 cores or more (2Ghz+ CPU core speed recommended)
  • Dedicated Graphics with 1GB Memory          (2GB+ VRAM Recommended)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB+ RAM Recommended)
  • 3-Button Scroll Wheel Mouse
IMPORTANT NOTE: SketchUp is NOT compatible with Integrated Intel HD Graphics Chips found on many ultraportable laptops & tablets. More Info