Check out what’s new in Enscape 4.0

Discover all the new features that made it into the latest version of Enscape below.

Enscape v4.0 - New Features

Animated Vegetation Assets

Enjoy 178 variations of new animated vegetation assets. This collection includes trees, bushes, and flowers specific to North and Southern Europe, North America, Australia, and Oceania regions.

  • Create a more realistic feel with the flutter of trees
  • Curate the right aesthetic for your landscape project
Enscape 4 unique people assets

Unique People Assets

32 new unique people assets have been added to the Enscape Asset Library. Choose from a collection of people in various poses, wearing different outfits and accessories.

  • Improve perception of proportion by integrating the human scale
  • Highlight the function of a space with an entourage

NVIDIA Denoiser for Capture Exports

Reduce noise for capture exports with the NVIDIA Denoiser. Enabled for image, mono panorama, and video renderings when activated in the settings.

  • Sharpen glossy surfaces of enclosed interior scenes
  • Lessen the appearance of visual artifacts in images

New VR headset support

Enjoy official support for new virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD): Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive Pro 2.

  • Enjoy quicker loading speeds
  • Crisper details

Chaos Interoperability

The introduction of V-Ray Scene Exporter lets you transfer key data from Enscape to V-Ray and other design applications, including 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

  • Further enhance the unified workflow between Enscape and V-Ray
  • Enable a stronger interoperability between the Chaos ecosystem

Enscape v3.5 - New Features

Adjustable Assets

With the new Adjustable Asset series, users can make changes to the material, color, or variation of certain Enscape assets. Furniture materials can be altered, clothing colors of certain people assets can be changed, and exact colors can be chosen for each of the 91 vehicles in Enscape. Alternative assets can also be seen for trees and plants, specifically autumnal trees and unpotted plants. All assets with this new functionality can be found by filtering using the tag “Adjustable”.
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Enscape 3.5 Improved Reflections 01 Enscape 3.5 Improved Reflections 02

Improved Lighting and Reflections

Enscape 3.5 includes improvements to its global illumination algorithm, which delivers enhanced lighting, reflections, and rendering quality to users with GPUs that support hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

Users will see an improvement in the quality of indirect lighting, especially in interior scenes, resulting in more realistic and high-quality visualizations. Additionally, users will experience more consistent lighting and precise shading in mirror reflections.

NOTE: This new feature is only available for users with NVIDIA RTX 2000/3000/4000 series or AMD RX 6000/7000 series graphics cards.

3D people assets

53 people were added to the Enscape Asset Library in January 2023. These are real people who have been scanned with our in-house 3D scanner. The library continues to grow with a new batch of 40 people that allow clothing customisation with Enscape 3.5 and will get more diverse over time. Plans are also in place to start scanning more animals and helpful objects using this same technology.

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Alpha Channel Export Improvement

Users can now export renderings with a transparent background, facilitating editing and post-processing in other tools. Users can also export semi-transparent materials, such as windows and glass surfaces, reducing the amount of time required for refining these materials during post-processing.

Orthographic views update for Revit

Enscape 3.5 allows for the synchronisation of orthographic views between Revit and Enscape. Any orthographic view created or edited in Enscape will be reflected in Revit, and the crop region in Revit will match the Enscape viewport. This synchronization is bi-directional, meaning that users can adjust the crop region in Revit to modify the view in Enscape as well.

Enscape 3.5 Garden BW 01

Enscape v3.4 - New Features

Enscape for macOS

Enscape for Mac is now available. Plug Enscape directly into your SketchUp software and discover the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualisation workflow. Download the Free 14-day Trial ->

Save Enscape Sun Positions in Views

  • Use new slider controls and input fields for more accurate sun positions
  • Easily add the final touches to natural light and relate it to each view

Interior Design Assets & Materials

  • Assess the functionality of an interior space with the right assets
  • Reduce time spent looking for materials online for your interior project

Enscape v3.3 - New Features

Site Context

Incorporate a building’s real-life surroundings into your visualisations with Enscape’s new Site Context feature. Ideal for use during the design process itself, this new feature gives context to a building’s relationship with its environment.

By utilising OpenStreetMap data, you can now import a project’s surroundings into your renderings without the need for a third-party tool. Simply open Site Context, enter an address or coordinates, and select your choice of import: Buildings and Landmarks; Streets and Sidewalks; Topography, or import all surroundings.

The imported geometry and modeling topology will not include textures, keeping your project at the forefront of your visualisations while providing all-important site context. The surrounding geometry is only visible in Enscape, keeping your project file light and focused on the most relevant project data.

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Reflections Off in Enscape Reflections of materials in Enscape 3.3

Transparent Materials in Reflections

Reflections are incredibly important when it comes to generating realistic visualisations, which is why we are particularly excited about this next improvement.

As the name reveals, transparent materials will now appear in your reflections if you are using a graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing (NVIDIA RTX series and AMD RX6xxx series).

With this enhancement, you will see visualisation improvements to rendered glass and water surfaces. Check out the slider to the left to see the difference in rendering quality.

Education Assets and Materials

Our team of 3D artists has expanded the Enscape Asset Library and the Enscape Material Library once again with new high-quality assets and materials for you to place directly into your projects and renderings.

Select from 280 new education-themed assets, including classroom furniture, chalkboards and whiteboards, toys, playground equipment, and musical instruments. And choose from over 30 new materials to place into your education scenes. The asset package will also include a large collection of new 3D people.

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Lecture room with modern flooring and lighting

Material Overwrite

We have yet another design workflow improvement for you with Enscape 3.3! It is now possible to replace an Enscape material directly via the Enscape Material Editor. This will save you from importing and exporting materials manually and from saving data files on your system.
A popular request from the Enscape community, this export feature will allow you to take your rendered image and add a background of your choice with greater ease – saving you time when post-processing your renders to get the desired look or effect.

Pin Enscape on Top

Not everyone works with two screens or more, so there will be times when both the modeling software window and the Enscape rendering window need to be open and visible simultaneously.
With the ‘Pin Enscape on Top’ functionality, you can choose to pin the Enscape rendering window, together with the menus which open with the renderer, to the top of your modeling window. This allows you to work in your modeling software and immediately see your changes in the overlayed Enscape window, which is always on top when this function is activated.

To activate this, go to Enscape Window Settings > Preferences > Window > Pin Enscape

Pin Enscape on Top Window in Revit

Enscape v3.2 - New Features

Dynamic Asset Placement

  • Select, place, and edit assets from the Enscape Asset Libraries
  • Avoid switching between tools and enjoy an optimised workflow

Green Building Assets and Materials

  • Create vivid visualisations with the right assets and materials
  • Eliminate time spent looking for green building assets and materials online

Batch Panorama

  • Save time by rendering multiple panoramas at the same time
  • Benefit from a more efficient design and visualisation workflow

Panorama Tour

  • Enhance the panorama viewing experience for clients
  • Enjoy a new way to communicate your ideas and projects

Uploads Update

  • Prevent fractured workflows and enjoy a seamless project sharing experience
  • Ensure everyone is one the same page when it comes to project reviews
Raytraced ON scaled jpg

Ray-Traced Sun Shadows

  • Users with NVIDIA RTX graphics can take advantage of more realistic sun shadows

Enscape v3.1 - New Features

Material Library

A simple way to improve the realism of your projects is to use the right materials. Enscape 3.1 introduces a brand new Material Library, where you can choose from predefined high-quality materials that are ready to use within your projects. Over 200 materials have been created to get you started and additional materials will be added to the library with future releases.

Materials such as wood, fabric, brick, and tile can be found in the new Material Library. These materials can also be imported into the Material Editor, where you can edit various elements to get the look and feel you need.

This new feature will save you time searching for and creating high-end rendering materials and makes it easy to improve the quality of your renders with very little effort.

UI MaterialEditor Grass jpg

Material Editor Overhaul

The Enscape 3.1 Material Editor comes with not only a new interface but also new features and improved functionality.

Now it’s quicker and easier to identify materials with a color and material type indicator in the material list. There is also a new self-illuminated material type, new icons, controls, and map tabs for improved usability.

Additionally, you can import and export material packages from within the Material Editor. This is particularly useful for individuals and teams who want to access certain pre-prepared materials from other projects.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling Support

Enscape 3.1 comes with NVIDIA DLSS technology, which automatically improves performance. The deep learning-based upscaling technique renders internally at a lower resolution but outputs a clean and sharp high-resolution image for both high-quality videos and high-performance virtual reality walkthroughs.

With NVIDIA DLSS enabled, video rendering time decreases, and quality increases. You can enjoy improved real-time performance of walkthroughs and higher frame rates with much lower GPU requirements. This latest technology is available to users with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

With Enscape and NVIDIA DLSS, take advantage of the latest generation of high-res VR headsets and enjoy higher quality virtual reality experiences.

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Panorama Gallery

360-degree panoramas created from within Enscape are a popular way to showcase a design. They allow clients to independently navigate their way around a project from a web link or even a QR code.

To take this functionality one step further, we have introduced a Panorama Gallery – which is one of the most requested features from Enscape users.

With the new Panorama Gallery, you can group and share multiple panoramas at the same time – perfect for showcasing multiple rooms or to compare different variants of a design. This can be managed via the Uploads section of the Enscape License Center and allows consumers to access more than one panorama at a time via the web browser.

Enscape v3.0 - New Features

Redesigned User Interface

Enscape 3.0 brings a redesigned user interface with improved functionality to help complement your everyday workflow. The new branding extends throughout the product to reflect our evolution and commitment to helping you shape the future built environment. Workflows have been streamlined and it is faster and more convenient to access commands and settings. Users can now leverage Enscape’s tools directly from the full-screen mode, allowing them to spend more time exploring design questions and less time switching between menus.
  • Improved visual setting workflow management
  • Relocation of functions from the plugin toolbar to the renderer toolbar
  • A new structure for displaying information in the renderer
  • A new video timeline view and a change to video keyframes:
    V = video editor and K = keyframe

"With 3.0, we started focusing on the user interface and user experience as a whole. We spent a lot of time restructuring the information architecture and location of several features. Enscape users are now provided with more streamlined interactions and a better overall design workflow."

enscape 3 video editor

Enhanced Video Editor

Enscape 3.0 introduces a new timeline view for quicker and easier video creation and editing. Users can easily add and edit keyframes, enter the time between keyframes and the time of day, and define the camera’s focal point and the camera field – all directly from the timeline.

Local Assets

Our 3D visual artists have scoured the globe (well, the internet, since travel isn’t really happening right now) for inspiration and have created 333 new assets which focus on iconic or specific assets to local regions. These include vehicles, objects, and species of vegation to help you produce more authentic, regional experiences within your designs.

"With 3.0, we improved the Asset Library yet again, from both a visual and a performance perspective. Some of the assets have been optimised beyond what was thought imaginable - 40x better than similar assets provided by competitors."

enscape california plants

Enscape v2.9 - New Features

Custom Asset Library

Being able to have your own object library has been one of the most-requested features from the community. With Enscape v2.9 we’re excited to announce support for adding custom assets to the library!

With the new Custom Asset Library, you can import your own models into Enscape and start to create personalised design experiences. Whether you wish to use bespoke furniture, branded items, or even a specific species of tree within your visualisations.
It is possible to import single or multiple models with a file format of OBJ, FBX, and GLTF. These models can then be edited from within the Asset Library once they have been uploaded into Enscape. You can also try importing models from sites such as SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse, Free3D, CGTrader, and TurboSquid as long as they are in one of the supported file formats listed above, and have a poly count no greater than 20k.

Enscape Custom Asset Library
Enscape Displacement OFF Enscape Displacement ON

Displacement Maps

Displacement mapping was a long-awaited feature request by our community of visualisation experts.

Displacement maps in Enscape will give your surfaces a greater sense of depth and definition. Your surface textures will appear even more realistic and will automatically include self-shadowing, without you having to make specific changes within your model. Think more realistic looking cobblestone streets, tiled roofs, and beautiful brick walls.


Enscape Subscription License

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