SketchPlus License

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SketchPlus is an extension for SketchUp that adds more than 30 easy-to-use tools, many of which are commonly found in other 3D modeling applications such as selection filtering, selection memory, mirror, and align. Designed to work together in a simple and intuitive SketchUp-like user experience, these tools will seamlessly integrate into any existing workflow and you’ll soon wonder how you ever used SketchUp without them!

Perpetual License – never expires and includes access to all future upgrades.

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Add the Missing Tools to SketchUp!


Selection Undo / Redo, Filter Selection, Lasso and Polygon Lasso, Deep Select, Paint Select and Select All Instances. Some of these tools will be familiar to anyone migrating to SketchUp from other 3D software. Isn’t it finally time that SketchUp gets these tools too?
SketchPlus selectLasso
Select Lasso

Narrow down your selection using the  “Filter Selection” dialog. First, select some entities, then use the dialog to choose the entity types or attributes that you want to keep selected.

sketchplus filter select
Filter Selection in Action

With Deep Select Face, you can select any face in your model and open its containing group or component with one simple click! Not only that, you can back out of a deeply nested component by pressing escape or clicking on empty space.

Use the Selection Painter Tool to click and drag across entities in your model and select them. Sometimes it can get annoying to select a bunch of edges using the built-in Select Tool. Selection Painter will surely save you a lot of clicking!
SketchPlus deepSelect
Deep Select Face
SketchPlus selectionPainter
Selection Painter
SketchUp has some awesome built-in features, but sometimes they are not located in the best place. For example, the built-in Select Instances feature would be much more useful if you could activate it by simply clicking a component already in your model. Now, what if you could also select all component instances, even if they are not in the current editing context? That’s the power of the SketchPlus Select All Instances Tool!
SketchPlus selectAllInstances
Select All Instances


SketchPlus drawShapes jpg
Draw a Sphere, Cone, or Torus without asking yourself, “How do I do that in SketchUp?” With SketchPlus, it only takes 1-2 clicks to create these common shapes.
SketchPlus cone
Cone Tool
SketchPlus sphere
Sphere Tool
SketchPlus torus
Torus Tool
With the Make Faces+ tool, you can quickly convert imported CAD linework into solid faces ready to be push / pulled into 3D. Select the edges, click to make faces, and you’re off to the races!
SketchPlus makeFaces
Make Faces+ Tool


Align, Nudge, Move to Origin, Drop+, Move to Z, Flatten to Ground. These are all tasks that are performed so often, in so many different workflows, these tools are an obvious perfect fit inside SketchPlus!
SketchPlus Move jpg
Aligning multiple objects is now a snap with the SketchPlus Align tool! Just click one of the alignment grips to align the selected objects with each other. You can align by center as well. Arranging furniture for interior design models just got a whole lot simpler!
SketchPlus Align
Have you ever imported a component from the 3D Warehouse and the axes of the component was located extremely far from the model axes? The Move to Origin tool lets you relocate the selected objects to the origin in one simple click.
SketchPlus movetoOrigin
The SketchUp built-in Move tool is great but sometimes the inferencing of the Move tool makes it hard to make subtle tweaks to an object’s position. The Nudge Tool lets you fine-tune the position of the selected objects using the arrow keys. Just enter a value for the movement increment and the arrow keys will bump the object until you find the perfect placement.
SketchPlus Nudge

The Move to Z tool is nice when you want to set the exact height of an object by keying-in a known elevation value. When you use this tool, you can be sure that the objects will only move up and down and you won’t accidentally change the horizontal position. This tool also supports inferencing so you can easily click on an existing point, edge, or face to match the Z position.

SketchPlus movetoZ
Place floating objects onto the nearest surface below using Drop+, a must-have tool for all designers.
SketchPlus Drop

Have you ever had trouble getting SketchUp to make faces from edges? Usually the problem is that there is an edge that is not quite on the same plane as the others. With the Flatten to Ground tool, you can ensure that all edges end up on the ground plane. This tool is a game-changer.

SketchPlus FlattentoGround
If you want to move the edges to an arbitrary plane, you can do that too! Just set the SketchUp Axes to the desired plane before using this tool.


Component Finder, Mirror+, Change Axes+, Replace Component+, Explode+, Path Array, and more! SketchPlus gives you the tools to manage your component library and edit components with ease!
SketchPlus componentFinder jpg
Change the component axes location to one of 27 preset locations with the Change Axes+ tool.
Change Axes+
Create mirrored copies of groups and components using Mirror+.
SketchPlus mirror
Generate components along a path of edges using the Path Array Tool. This feature has options to place the component at a fixed or max spacing, and to control whether the component gets rotated along the path.
SketchPlus pathArray
Path Array

The Smart Array feature is great for stairs but is also incredibly useful to create additional copies of a component to match the spacing between others you created previously. For example, if you want to add another window next to two existing windows, this tool can save you several steps!

This tool works by creating duplicates of a component at the same relative transformation (position, rotation, scale) as the first two selected components. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it will all make sense when you give it a try!
SketchPlus smartArray
Smart Array
SketchPlus takes the built-in explode feature of SketchUp and enhances its power with Explode+. This tool will recursively explode all nested groups and components so you are left with only loose geometry (faces and edges). This feature is dynamite! 😉
How about some randomisation? SketchPlus provides tools to randomize the position, rotation (spin), and scale of selected objects. It provides interactive feedback and lets you keep clicking to apply the randomisation using a different seed.
SketchPlus randomPosition
Random Position
SketchPlus randomScale
Random Scale
SketchPlus RandomSpin
Random Spin


SketchPlus deepPaint jpg
Paint faces across the boundaries of groups and components using the awesome Deep Paint Faces tool. Drill down through your model and remove materials en masse using the SketchPlus Unpaint tools.
With Deep Paint, you can click any face in your model to apply a material without having to repeatedly double-click into the containing object. No matter which face you click, the material will get applied directly to the face and not the containing group or component.
SketchPlus deepPaintFaces
Deep Paint Faces
SketchPlus comes with three Unpaint tools that work on either (1) ALL entities, (2) groups and components, or (3) faces and edges. These tools are incredibly useful for removing materials from models imported from the 3D Warehouse or other external sources.
SketchPlus removeAllMaterials


sketchPlus tags jpg
Instantly remove tags using the Untag tools. You can recursively untag groups, components, faces, and edges with one easy click.
SketchPlus removeAllTags
Untag Tool
SketchPlus comes with three versions of the Untag tool: (1) Untag All, (2) Untag Groups and Components, and (3) Untag Faces and Edges. These tools drill down into nested groups and components to remove any existing tags. If you’ve ever imported models from the 3D Warehouse or from CAD, you’ll understand how much time these tools can save you!

Future Roadmap for SketchPlus

We have big plans for SketchPlus! The initial version launched with over 30 tools and we have ideas for many more. We intend to release multiple updates each year, always adding more tools and fine-tuning the extension based on your feedback. Here are some of the ideas we are considering for future tools:

  • Wall Tool
  • Pipe Tool
  • Stretch Tool
  • Roof Tools
  • Window and Door Tools
  • Push/Pull+
  • Saved Views
  • Measuring Tools
  • Bezier Curve Tool
  • Draw lines on Surfaces
  • Orient Faces+
  • Texture Tools
  • Follow Me+