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Creaform develops & manufactures portable 3D measurement technologies for industrial applications, including handheld self-positioning 3D scanners, and portable coordinate measuring machines.

Our team of skilled engineers and metrologists support and provide industry leading 3D scanners & services, including reverse engineeringquality control & inspection, and other 3D integration technologies. Whether you choose to purchase a Creaform Scanner or use our services, highly accurate results and total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fast & Reliable Measurements – the easiest 3D scanning experience.

Truly portable metrology-grade 3D scanner delivers highly accurate measurement results.

Most accurate & flexible scanning and probing 3D measurement solution on the market

Optical Coordinate
Measuring Machine

Photogrammetry – Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine

• Quality Control and Inspection
• Reverse Engineering

All Creaform 3D scanners feature innovative and exclusive technologies :


TRUaccuracy: Accurate measurements in real life enviroments

TRUaccuracy ensures highly-accurate measurements, regardless of instability, vibrations, thermal variation, operator skills etc.
Our scanners use software algorithms that simplify the measurement process and greatly increase data accuracy.


TRUportability: 3D scanning where you need to go

Our 3D scanners are handheld, light and they fit into a small suitcase. Because they have no mechanical constraint, they allow total freedom of movement and can be brought and used virtually anywhere.


TRUsimplicity: Super simple 3D scanning process

Straight-forward data acquisition process that generates extra fast results, with real time visualization and direct mesh output.
Our 3D scanners are up and running in less than 5 minutes and require no rigid set-up nor any particular user experience.
You can scan parts in virtually any size, material or color.

Some of the Companies we work with:

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