3D Scanning

Professional CAD Systems provides 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection services.  We can take your part and transform it into a 3D CAD model.  Applications for the 3D CAD model could be; to measure the part, to modernise manufacturing processes, to design a new part to fit to a legacy part, or other.  The scan data acquired from objects scanned is high resolution and highly accurate.


• Reverse engineering of existing parts

Quality control and inspection

Parametric 3D Modelling in generic and native formats

Preparation for prototyping, with or without colour

3D scanning for product libraries

3D Achieving



Straight-forward data acquisition process that generates extra fast results, with real time visualization and direct mesh output. Our 3D Scanners 3D Scanners are up and running in less than 5 minutes and require no rigid set-up nor particular experience from the user. You can scan parts in virtually any size, material or color.