Get started by learning how to install SketchUp. Then move on to find out how to create well organised 3D models & learn techniques to avoid common mistakes new users tend to make. Discover the best styling methods to get your model looking just the way you imagined.

SketchUp Authorized Training Vertical 240

Beginner Tutorials

Viewing the Model
Select Tool
Line Tool
Eraser Tool
Rectangle Tool
Circle Tool
Move Tool
Arc Tool
2-Point Arc Tool
PushPull Tool
Tape Measure Tool
Measuring Guides
More Measuring Guides
Protractor Tool
Axes Tool
3D Text Tool
Dimensions Tool
Rotate Tool
Follow Me Tool
More Follow Me
Offset Tool
Scale Tool
Paint Bucket Tool

SketchUp Beginner Tutorials continued

Component Basics
Groups Vs. Components
More Components
Editing Groups & Components
Entity Info Window
Model Info Window
Instructor Window
Materials Window
Fog Window
Shadow Window
Hiding Objects
Tags (Previously known as Layers)
Moving through your Model
Perspective or Parallel Projection
Scenes & Styles
Edge & Face Styles
Standard Views
Updating Scenes

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SketchUp Authorized Training Vertical 240

Intermediate Tutorials

3D Warehouse
Extension Warehouse
Components Library
Hiding Objects
Rotating a Texture
Creating Meshes with the Sandbox Tools
From Contours Tool
From Scratch Tool
Smoove Tool
Stamp Tool
Drape Tool
Tools on Surface
Soften/Smooth Edges
Intersecting Faces
Section Plane Tool
Creating Cross Sections
Copy Paste Move
Inference Modelling
Editing Geometry with Inferencing
More Inferencing
Importing .DWG and CAD Files
Project 1 - Coffee Table Modelling
Project 2 - Coffee Table LayOut
Project 3 - Site Modelling
Project 4 - Aerial Photo Modelling
Project 5 - Creating a 3D Roof
Project 6 - Creating a Kitchen
Project 7 - Modelling a House