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SketchUp Pro is well suited for 3D construction applications - prevent rework, coordinate more effectively, and get it right the first time.

Build Confidently.

sketchup for construction industry

Less iteration, more building

Nothing beats a 3D model for visualizing complex site conditions, structural connections, and building systems. Every minute you spend validating details and creating clear 3D drawings to explain them saves time and money in rework and delays. Simplify the build by thinking through and communicating your projects in 3D with SketchUp.

Explore your project before it’s built

Prevent costly revisions by experiencing projects in mixed reality before you start construction. Use SketchUp Viewer with a smart phone, tablet, or an AR/VR device, and walk clients through 3D models at 1:1 scale. Detect clashes, help owners evaluate design options, and get sign-off before materials are ordered.

sketchup for construction projects
sketchup for construction

Get good fast

Stop wasting time learning complicated computer programs. SketchUp is hands-down the most intuitive 3D drawing tool on the planet. Everyone on your team – from contractors to engineers — can learn SketchUp. If you want to be productive in no time, you’ve come to the right place.

Level Up to

A toolkit built just for builders



SketchUp reads and writes a variety of CAD and 3D file formats, so it’s easy to progress your work in other modeling platforms.

Create constructible drawings

Draw plans, elevations, sections, build details… anything you need to start the build. The best part: when your model changes, so do your construction documents. Simple.

Answer RFIs in 3D

Keep your RFIs organized in the cloud with Trimble Connect. Upload your 3D model and make comments, assign to-dos, update statuses, and keep everything in one online space.

Why SketchUp?


Become a Master Modeller

SketchUp was built to be an intuitive, easy-to-learn system, with our online tutorials and support service you will master the program in no time.


Local Service and Support

Purchasing your licence through Professional CAD Systems gives you access to our local support service via phone or email 5 days a week.


No Experience Necessary

SketchUp is nimble and lightweight software that does not require specialist teams to implement and maintain the package.


Find a 3D model of anything

Need an oven for the kitchen you’re designing? An automobile for your driveway? A rhino for your zoo? Find it all in 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest library of free 3D models.


Turn models into documents

Eventually, some 3D models grow up to become professional 2D drawing sets. LayOut in SketchUp Pro helps you showcase your models and create drawings you’ll be proud of.


Working Construction Drawings

Annotate your drawings as intensively as you’d like. Combine text, graphics and dimensions to create fully documented working drawings ready for construction.


Export and Share Your Models

Publish photo-realistic renders of your model, develop 2D and 3D flythroughs and export to video files. Share these with your clients, your students or your teachers.


Customize your SketchUp

SketchUp Extensions are add-ons that solve 3D modeling problems which might otherwise leave you scratching your head. And there are hundreds of them to explore.

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Integrate with 100s of Extensions

SketchUp integrates with an enormous library of extensions which can take your modelling to the next level, including producing renders, designing interiors and testing components.

SketchUp Plans & Pricing

Discover 3D Modelling

Everything you get with Free:

Create Professional Work

Everything in Free plus:

  • Desktop 3D Modelling Software

  • 2D Design & Documentation

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage

  • Access to Plugins for extending SketchUp Pro functionality

  • Free Technical Support from our Local NZ SketchUp Gurus

For Advanced Workflows

Everything in Pro plus:

  • SCAN ESSENTIALS - Import and precisely model point cloud data

  • V-RAY - Interactive, real-time visualisation as you model

  • Create and export professional photorealistic images & videos

  • Export to LayOut and document point cloud data in 2D

  • Export fully rendered animations and 360° panoramas

SketchUp 2023 System Requirements

  • Windows: 10 or 11 (64-bit)
    MacOS: 11 (BigSur), 12 (Ventura), 13 (Ventura)
  • Any modern processor with 2 cores or more (2Ghz+ CPU core speed recommended)
  • Dedicated Graphics with 1GB Memory          (2GB+ VRAM Recommended)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB+ RAM Recommended)
  • 3-Button Scroll Wheel Mouse
IMPORTANT NOTE: SketchUp is NOT compatible with Integrated Intel HD Graphics Chips found on many ultraportable laptops & tablets. More Info