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Sefaira is early stage building analysis software for designers who care about building performance.

All the analysis you need to design better buildings.

Amplify your building performance

Sefaira’s analysis is nimble enough to keep up with the pace of conceptual and schematic design. Run full annual simulations powered by industry-accredited analysis engines, and get your building performance results in minutes instead of weeks.
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Pick the right strategies

Compare massings, layout, and envelope options to shortlist the right concepts. Study natural ventilation and HVAC systems for all project types.
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Get consensus

Share your project using compelling visuals to convince others of your proposal’s merits and the performance benefits of your design.
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Advance projects

See how your project is tracking against energy, daylight, and comfort goals, using ASHRAE and other industry standards as your guide.

Concept and schematic design game-changer

 Fast & easy to use

Model simple geometry in SketchUp, run analysis to get your first results within minutes, and share proposals using easy-to-understand graphics.


Run hour-by-hour annual simulations using industry-accredited EnergyPlus and Radiance. Dial-in your instance using a wide range of inputs & controls.


Easily peer-review results, work as a team, and across firms, on shared projects by leveraging Sefaira’s cloud-based platform.

The metrics you need

Energy use and carbon emissions

Understand your design’s impact on energy cost and CO2 emissions while also measuring the potential impact of a renewable system. Track valuable performance metrics such as Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and see what factors are impacting your annual energy use.

Thermal Comfort

See how shading improves operative temperatures and measure the impact of windows, glazing, shading, and natural and mechanical ventilation on air temperature.


Choose between Daylight Factor, Direct Sun Exposure, and Annual Daylight outputs (including Spatial Daylight Autonomy sDA) to analyse and visualise your building’s daylight, reduce glare, and optimize natural light.


Quickly assess the impact of your architectural features on HVAC sizes and generate preliminary sizes to improve cost estimation. Understand how peak loads such as heating and cooling are impacting your plant sizing and find passive and active strategies for reducing them.

Analyze and iterate fast

Get your building performance results in minutes instead of weeks. Run full annual simulations powered by industry-accredited EnergyPlus® and Radiance®. Sefaira’s analysis is nimble enough to keep up with the pace of conceptual and schematic design.
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Make smart design decisions

You do the design, we’ll show you how factors such as massing, layout, and façade design affect the metrics that matter to you. Whether your goal is to achieve a net zero energy design or a smaller HVAC system, Sefaira’s results will help you steer your project in the right direction.

Get consensus

Share what you’ve discovered with your team or clients, and use compelling visuals to convince them of the performance merits of your design.
"Using Sefaira, we were able to study multiple options within a short period of time, which allowed the team to arrive at a design direction that we all felt comfortable with much faster with meaningful data as opposed to ‘rules of thumb’ and broad assumptions."
leonard sciarra
Leonard Sciarra
Senior Associate at Gensler, AIA, ASHRAE, LEED AP+

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