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Architects and draftsmen need tools that are specifically tailored to their work practices. SPIRIT is professional CAD software used for building plans –
from design through to construction & cost planning.

3D BIM CAD Software​ for Architecture


The perfect CAD software for construction projects

Draw in 2D, create models in 3D or use the predefined 3D components to save time. In the course of ever increasing construction complexity, communication and cooperation is becoming increasingly important – SPIRIT is object-oriented and BIM ready.

File Integrations - Export to SketchUp

DWG/DXF export
The current export abilities allow you to work together closely with other companies and systems. Thanks to the optimized DWG / DXF and direct SketchUp 3D file export capability, you can share your CAD drawings with other construction professionals with ease.

STL export
When it comes to feasibility studies or competitions, physical models must often be submitted. SPIRIT saves you the time-consuming task of building manual models because with the STL export you print your models on a 3D printer and impress potential customers.

IFC models
Is working with IFC models the complete implementation of “open BIM”? For us the optimization of the IFC interface is the only way to go but it is still far from the target result that we want. We are constantly investing a lot of energy in the further development of the IFC interface of our CAD program. The representation of IFC models and the graphics export have already been significantly improved.


More space for your way of working

From practice
The CAD program SPIRIT is constantly growing thanks to the feedback from users and the know-how of the Softtech employees who have worked for a long time as architects, planners or engineers. The way of working in SPIRIT is based on known and time-saving processes in construction practice.

2D drawing, 3D modeling or component oriented design
You decide for yourself whether you are drawing in 2D or 3D BIM or a combination of the two. Everything is based on pure graphics and this is why SPIRIT differs from other architectural CAD programs: there are no restrictions.

Planners, architects and engineers know that paper plans will still be in use on construction sites for a long time. Changes to existing drawings or changes in detail are actually more easily resolved in 2D during the construction of a building. The ideal CAD software must therefore be as easy to use as possible. Whether 2D or 3D or BIM objects – SPIRIT drawing elements and objects are organised in clear dialog windows. Simply drag the CAD components you want to create into the drawing area. The rest – like menu selections, parameter settings or saving directories – will be done automatically.

Invest time to save time

Completely new report service
SPIRIT 2022 allows you to generate individual reports from your drawing or 3D model. The report can then be printed directly or exported to Excel, Word or a PDF file.

SPIRIT 2022 supports 4K display technology
SPIRIT 2022 supports the 4K display technology, resulting in a high display resolution for you to use SPIRIT more precisely. The menu overview, icon and navigation bars are displayed in a clear new design. Even if you are not using a 4K monitor, SPIRIT 2022 supports the Windows settings for scaling the display of your monitor.

PSets enrich the model information at the IFC interface
IFC is the standard interface for open BIM projects, therefore important component information must be kept during IFC export. In SPIRIT 2022 the object properties have been extended for this purpose, IFC compliant attributes are now integrated.