V-Ray Educational Subscription License

$215.00 NZD +GST for 1 year

V-Ray Educational Subscriptions include free upgrades to any new versions that are released during your subscription period. Educational subscription licenses expire in 1-year from purchase date – to renew you will need to re-purchase and re-submit your ID.

The email you enter at the checkout is the same one you need to use to login to this website to manage your subscription with and to log into the Chaos Server to activate.

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Professional 3D Rendering Software for Architects & Designers.

With a V-Ray student subscription you get access to the V-Ray plugin for all compatible software packages, plus Chaos Cloud, Chaos Cosmos, Chaos Phoenix*, Chaos Player, and Chaos Scans*

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award winning quality

Award-Winning Quality

Photoreal rendering, raytraced real-time, flawless materials, powerful simulations – the results speak for themselves.

creative control

Creative Freedom

You’ll find everything you need to visualise anything you can imagine – in any way possible.

everything connected

Everything is Connected

A connected ecosystem of creative tools that work well together so you can create faster & better than ever.

The complete 3D rendering and simulation toolset.

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The one renderer that does it all.

Bold designs. Moving stories. Mind-blowing art.

Create photorealistic images and animations with the rendering software that’s used by 3D artists and designers everywhere.

Whatever your vision, V-Ray can help you bring it to life.

With a V-Ray subscription plan, you can use V-Ray with all of its supported host applications:

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3ds Max
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Render anything imaginable with V-Ray.

Revolutionary designs. Moving stories. Mind-blowing art. Whatever your vision, V-Ray helps you bring it to life. Create photorealistic imagery and animation with the industry’s leading 3D renderer.

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Create any type of fluid simulation with Phoenix FD.

Launch a rocket. Sink a ship. Melt chocolate. Or pour the perfect pint. Phoenix FD is the all-in-one fluid dynamics simulation tool for artists. Create realistic fluid effects such as fire, smoke, liquids, oceans, mist and more. Fast setup, built-in presets and easy controls are here to help.

Chaos Phoenix FD is available for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya.

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Your fastest route to realtime.

Chaos Vantage makes realtime real simple. Getting your scene ready for realtime is time-consuming and difficult, but it’s just drag and drop in Chaos Vantage. Even in detailed production scenes, you’ll be exploring and interacting in no time.


CPU, GPU, Hybrid Ray Tracer
Works with all major 3D industry software & plugins

Real-time viewer

High quality, physically accurate

Considered industry standard

Built-in compositing features

Frequent free updates with major new features

Most online assets (models, materials) are V-Ray ready
Steeper learning curve compared to other renderers, though latest releases continuously improve ease of use
Leading renderer for all major 3D software

Large user base & active community

Free support

Frequent updates
GPU Ray Tracer
Directly integrates with SketchUp, ArchiCAD, REVIT, Rhino & Vectorworks

Very easy to learn

Large asset library

Real-time viewport

High quality lighting

Amazing VR experience

Frequent free updates with major new features

Requires a powerful GPU (NVIDIA RTX model graphics required for Ray Tracing & DLSS features)

Limited compositing capabilities

Gaining popularity - especially among architects, interior designers and landscapers

Rich library of ready-to-use assets

Free support & frequent updates

Great for the design phase where multiple iterations are required

GPU Raster Engine

Easy to Learn

Large asset library

Slow render times compared to Enscape, Twinmotion & V-Ray

Requires powerful GPU

Limited compositing capabilities

Simple and fake looking lighting

Not tightly integrated with host software, requires file reimporting/syncing after every change to your model

Expensive - 3000 Euros!

Rich library of ready-to-use assets

Only used in architecture
CPU, GPU (Unbiased)
High quality, physically accurate

Relight feature
Least amount of features out of all the render engines in this comparison

You have to buy extra licenses for each software version i.e. if you want to use Thea with SketchUp & Rhino, you would need to purchase 2x licenses

Limited compositing capabilities

Infrequent minor updates

Not a strong competitor -
lagging behind

Perceived as accurate,
but slow


GPU Raster Engine

Real-time viewer

Very easy to learn

Requires powerful GPU (NVIDIA RTX model recommended)

Small asset library compared to Enscape & Lumion

Basic and fake looking lighting 

Too simplistic for more advanced 3D users

Limited compositing capabilities

Infrequent minor updates

Relative newcomer - still immature in terms of features

Owned by Epic Games - Creators of Unreal Engine

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