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Welcome to a new era in 3D scanning

Say hello to our new generation of professional grade 3D scanners: The peel 3 and peel 3.CAD

Your 3D scanning experience has never been this complete, this balanced, or this awesome.

Ready for some 3D scanning oohs and aahs?

Meet our 3rd Generation of peel 3D Scanners.


peel 3 3D scanner

Introductory price of $8,490 USD + GST
This 3D scanner handles like a charm in every way. You’ll love all the bang for the buck: revamped ergonomic design, intuitive multi-function touchscreen, industry-first haptic user communication through vibration, improved resolution, elevated performance with intricate objects and colors, and included data acquisition software.

peel 3.CAD 3D scanner

Introductory price of $11,990 USD + GST
Do you do a lot of reverse engineering? Need to work on your 3D scans before sending them to your CAD software? Booya! You’ll be craving peel 3.CAD and its 3D scanning software to finalize your scans before working your magic in CAD. This is a complete, turnkey solution for all reverse engineering applications.
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Your investment deserves white-glove service. Safeguard your peel 3 scanner with our exclusive V.I.peel protection plan.

How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3 - literally!


Just point and scan! The peel 3 scanners triangulated and multi-grip handle makes it easy to maneuver around any object – even narrow and hard-to-reach places.

peel 3d scan step1 scan the object

Use the 3D scanning software included with your peel 3 or peel 3.CAD to optimize and finalize your meshes for 3D printing or further treatment in CAD.

peel 3d scan step2 finalise mesh

Export your 3D scanning data to any CAD platform using standard formats (.iges, .setp, .dxf). In just a few clicks, your geometric entities can be transferred to any CAD software.

peel 3d scan step 3 export file

We’ve got a 3D scanning solution for your industry

No project can outmatch peel 3’s performance for aftermarket and tuning applications.

Try this!

  • EV conversions
  • High-performance parts
  • Racing modifications
  • Component retrofits
  • Vehicle conversions

3d scanning Aftermarket and Tuning

With peel 3, leverage your ingenuity and facilitate tasks without the grunt work.

Try this!

  • Reverse engineering processes
  • Mold and cast design
  • Repairs
  • On-demand spare parts
  • Safety and personal protection equipment (PPE)
3d scanning for MRO and engineering

Take creativity and realism to a whole new level thanks to peel 3’s unmatched accuracy.

Try this!

  • Item-based NFTs
  • Custom training and maintenance material
  • High fidelity objects
  • Custom-made furniture
  • SFX & movie production
3D scanning content into AR & VR digital experiences

peel 3d scanners help healthcare professionals achieve better patient outcomes.

Try this!

  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Plastic/esthetic surgery
  • Mobility assistance
  • Cranial scanning
  • Compression garments
3D scanning content into AR & VR digital experiences

Better understand and preserve the past with the future of professional 3D scanning: peel 3!

Try this!

  • Digital archiving
  • Restoration projects
  • Scale modifications
  • Human anatomy
  • Duplication of objects for research
3D scanning content into AR & VR digital experiences

Accelerate the design and improve the quality of your latest innovations with peel 3.

Try this!

  • Design from existing objects
  • Modelling of existing components
  • Convert handmade models to digital versions
  • FEA & CFD
3D scanning content into AR & VR digital experiences

Upskill the engineers and industrial designers of tomorrow with peel 3’s easy onboarding and simplicity.

Try this!

  • Fab lab equipment
  • Teaching equipment
  • Research Projects
3D scanning content into AR & VR digital experiences


Got questions? We got answers!

What’s the difference between peel 3 and peel 3.CAD?
peel 3 is a 3D scanner for a variety of applications. peel 3.CAD is a 3D scanner designed specifically for reverse engineering purposes.
What are the computer requirements?


Operating System

Graphics Card



Display Resolution

Available Ports

Minimum Requirements:

Intel Core i7 with 6+ cores @2.3GHz+



SSD with 200GB+ free space


1x USB 3.0+
Recommended Requirements:

Intel Core i7/i9 with 8 cores+ @2.5GHz+

Windows 10 version 1909 or higher

NVIDIA RTX card with 8GB VRAM+




2x USB 3.0+
What is the compatibility with different CAD software?
peel.CAD is perfect to work with SolidWorks, Autodesk, Inventor as well as other popular CAD platforms.
How does the licensing work? Yearly subscription? Payment? One-time purchase or?
peel.CAD is available as a permanent licence (it will basically work for life) or yearly basis (payment must be renewed on a yearly basis). Software updates are available by subscribing to the V.I.peel club.
Are the targets really required?
Targets are more of a complement; the scanner can use geometry and texture for positioning. They are highly recommended for flatter or smoother surfaces as well as when accuracy is important.

Technical Specifications

peel 3
peel.OS, peel.CAD*

Recommended object size range

0.1 - 3.0m


0.250mm/m, up to 0.1mm

Mesh Resolution

Scan Speed
80 sec/m2
Usage Distance (from object)
250 to 550 mm
Projector Light Source
Scanner Controls
Color Resolution (on object)
250 DPI
304 x 150 x 79mm
950 g
USB 3.0
*With peel 3.CAD only

Looking for higher accuracy?

Check out our Metrology-Grade 3D Scanners

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