Motorhome Kitchen Redesign

We were requested by a potential customer to look at the feasibility of 3D Scanning internal spaces of Motorhomes, Camper Vans and Caravan’s for Interior Design purposes.    We thought this would be a great application for Creaform’s ‘NEW’ HandySCAN Black and SketchUp

 Check out the below video which shows the process of 3D Scanning the Motorhome.  We’ve included some images of the results below as well. 

3D Scan Data - Imported into SketchUp

Motorhome 3D Scan

3D Model - Created with SketchUp over top of the 3D Scan data

Motorhome Existing Layout

3D Scan Data compared to 3D Model

Motorhome Existing vs 3D Scan

New kitchen concept - created with SketchUp

Motorhome New Layout