Undet for Revit

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Convert your point clouds into Undet dynamic images (orthophotos)

UNDET dynamic views are lighter than point clouds and have an even better view and almost totally eliminate lag, which leads to a major improvement in modelling speed without changing any modelling habits or workflow.

High performance with large point clouds

Undet Dynamic views (orthophotos) are quick to generate and reduce lag while navigating large point clouds for a super-smooth workflow.
undet4rvt 1
undet4rvt 2

Greater flexibility of control for Point Clouds

The dynamic views generation region can be selected according to “Screen Area” or “Defined Area” choices, updated resolution & colouring and generated outside of the Revit view range giving flexibility in controlling the level of information you see in the model view.

Improve your modelling speed!​

If you ever created a model in Revit based on point cloud data, you know that things can get disturbing really fast, especially if we are talking about large projects.

2x faster


Revit Views integration

Dynamic Views

Tools to convert point clouds into dynamic views (orthophotos images) based on 3D point cloud data.

undet for revit point cloud coloring

Point Cloud Visualisation

Point cloud visualization & advanced colouring management tools to rapidly see the finest details of point clouds.
Revit Views integration to create ortophoto

Revit Views Integration

Undet automatically reads active Revit view range settings to generate dynamic views (orthophoto) of section center; section forward view, floor and ceiling view limits.
undet for revit ortophoto export to CAD DWG

Dynamic View Export

Export UNDET dynamic views (orthophoto image) to DWG/DXF for further use and 2D vectorisation.
Undet for Revit move coodinates

Georeferenced Data Support

Georeferencing tools to import point cloud files in-state / large coordinates system. Rotate & Move point clouds to the Revit axis or existing model.
undet for revit point cloud RCP cropping

Recap (*.RCP) File Cropping

RCP file cropping tools by irregular polygon, together with Undet project conversion to *.RCP file to see the 3D point cloud view.
Undet for Revit Undet browser integration

Undet Browser Integration

The Undet browser connects the scan data from your project with the FARO Scene Webshare Cloud Service, allowing you to view objects or situations in 3D panoramic images.

3D model inspection tools

3D Model Inspection Tools

Surface Analysis / Inspection tools to compare your 3D model to the point cloud to check for accuracy and generate reports.
raster documentation

Convert point cloud views

Send raster images by email to your clients. Raster images take a dozen times less space compared to point clouds. This enables super-smooth communication with stakeholders. 

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