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SketchUp Pro NZ
V-Ray for SketchUp

A Little Bit About Us..

We are a family business that started 19 years ago before CAD systems had really taken hold of the market. Engineers were originally our largest client but once Professional CAD Systems won the right to become the NZ distributors of SketchUp a new door opened - The door to architecture and many other industries! Our fantastic customer service and powerful products have garnered the attention from people who design, communicate and collaborate in 3D. Contact Us today to see what Professional CAD Systems can do for you!

Meet The Team

Debbie Cockroft
Debbie CockroftManaging Directordeb@procadsys.co.nz
22 years ago, Debbie set up Professional CAD Systems with the support of her husband Matthew. From then on, the business has quietly grown and flourished under Debbie’s keen eye and care. We affectionately call Debbie ‘the powerhouse’ because her energy is immeasurable!
Matthew Cockroft
Matthew CockroftDirector/Architectural Designermatt@procadsys.co.nz
Matthew has been Debbie’s support from the business’ inception having first spotted SketchUp and seeing the potential it had. Matt creates architectural drawings using SPIRIT 3D CAD and SketchUp Pro, he is also the international distributor of SPIRIT and supports architectural clients worldwide.
Joseph Cockroft
Joseph CockroftDirector/3D Solutions Specialistjoe@procadsys.co.nz
Joe joined PCS following completion of secondary school and since then has assisted in growing and strengthening the business in a multitude of ways. Joe heads our customer support service for "everything" SketchUp, and is our lead training specialist. Joe is a master of all things 3D and is also our key specialist for Creaform’s portable 3D scanners that we distribute.
Mark Longden
Mark LongdenIT Specialist/Architectural Visualisationmark@procadsys.co.nz
Mark joined the business in June 2016 with a keen interest in learning digital 3D architectural/engineering technologies. Mark has since re-designed our new website, become proficient with 3D rendering using V-Ray, and assists Matt drawing architectural plans in Spirit. He also maintains the network in the office as well as tutoring SketchUp Pro at our training workshops.
Anna Cunningham
Anna CunninghamOffice Assistantanna@procadsys.co.nz
Anna joined the business in September 2015 and is responsible for the issuing of SketchUp licenses, license renewals, as well as issuing reminders across New Zealand and parts of Australia. Anna is a very busy lady!
Delwyn Dellow
Delwyn DellowSales & Marketingdellie@procadsys.co.nz
Dellie recently joined the team and is working on revisiting marketing plans, strategic plans and developing a host of initiatives to ensure our customers are fully informed and updated about the products and services we offer.
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