AEsub Blue 3D Scanning Spray

Self-Disappearing spray formula developed by engineers to help 3D scan reflective, transparent and other difficult surfaces.

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$85+GST per can + shipping

The AESUB range of subliminating scanning sprays have been developed to help acquire data on problematic surfaces. Developed and approved by 3D scanning experts in the industry, these sprays provide outstanding data quality with a thin and homogeneous coating.


  •  No cleaning required – Sprays on easily, then completely disappears after a few minutes, leaving no residue and no mess behind.
  •  Designed for accuracy – Allows full coverage and higher scan-ability of any surface, including reflective, highly textured or clear surfaces.
  •  Covers your part with a 8-15 micron thin, self-evaporating powder coat – creating an even surface for the clearest and cleanest scan possible.
  •  Unlike traditional sprays it does not contain pigments and thus avoids contamination of sensitive areas such as labs, manufacturing areas etc.

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