Enscape version 3.0 is out now!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Enscape is now available, bringing a more intuitive user interface to help improve design workflows and productivity.

A more intuitive workflow with Enscape 3.0

Redesigned User Interface

Enscape 3.0 brings a redesigned user interface with improved functionality to help complement your everyday workflow. The new branding extends throughout the product to reflect our evolution and commitment to helping you shape the future built environment. Workflows have been streamlined and it is faster and more convenient to access commands and settings. Users can now leverage Enscape’s tools directly from the full-screen mode, allowing them to spend more time exploring design questions and less time switching between menus.
  • Improved visual setting workflow management
  • Relocation of functions from the plugin toolbar to the renderer toolbar
  • A new structure for displaying information in the renderer
  • A new video timeline view and a change to video keyframes:
    V = video editor and K = keyframe
enscape 3.0 blog

"With 3.0, we started focusing on the user interface and user experience as a whole. We spent a lot of time restructuring the information architecture and location of several features. Enscape users are now provided with more streamlined interactions and a better overall design workflow."

enscape 3 video editor

Enhanced Video Editor

The video editor has a new streamlined workflow. Now, all aspects of the video creation process is clearly visible to users, without the need for diving into sub menus. There is also a new timeline view for faster and easier video creation and editing. The editor is accessible via the hotkey ‘V’, and keyframes can be added by pressing ‘K’ or via the new ‘+’ buttons on the timeline. Users have better visibility and control over the time of day, the camera’s focal point, and field of view, all of which are still indicated on the camera path but can also now be viewed on the timeline itself for increased usability.

Local Assets

Our 3D visual artists have scoured the globe (well, the internet, since travel isn’t really happening right now) for inspiration and have created 333 new assets which focus on iconic or specific assets to local regions. These include vehicles, objects, and species of trees and shrubs to help you produce authentic, regional experiences in your designs.

"With 3.0, we improved the Asset Library yet again, from both a visual and a performance perspective. Some of the assets are performing 40x better than those from other providers, highlighting the quality of the ready-to-use assets you can find in Enscape."

enscape california plants

There are now a total of 2,470 assets for you to drop straight into your projects – choose from a wide variety of vegetation, people, furniture, vehicles, lighting, and even street props to enhance the level of realism within your project. And don’t forget that you can already import your own assets thanks to the Custom Asset Library that was introduced with 2.9.

What else is new with Enscape 3.0?

Faster Texture Loading

Enscape now supports simultaneous loading of texture images (used in materials), which results in significantly faster loading times.

Setting presets connected to 3D views

Previously, visual presets, including fog, cloud, or lighting settings, were only applied when doing batch renderings. Now, the visual settings are applied in real time when switching between views.


Enscape Subscription License

– Annual subscription license
– Free locally based NZ support
– Unlimited access to all future releases & updates