Enscape 3.4 Release +
Enscape for macOS now available!

Enscape 3.4 brings you updates to existing features so you can further enhance your designs and streamline your workflow. Create your own categories for the Custom Asset Library, save sun positions in views and easily update them, improved reflections, and elevate design scenes with new interior assets and materials.​

Experience the ease of creating stunning renderings with Enscape 3.4

NEW Enscape for macOS

Enscape for Mac is now available. Plug Enscape directly into your SketchUp software and discover the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualisation workflow. Download the Free 14-day Trial ->

NEW Categories for Custom Asset Library

Reflections are incredibly important when it comes to generating realistic visualisations, which is why we are particularly excited about this next improvement.

As the name reveals, transparent materials will now appear in your reflections if you are using a graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing (NVIDIA RTX series and AMD RX6xxx series).

With this enhancement, you will see visualisation improvements to rendered glass and water surfaces. Check out the slider to the left to see the difference in rendering quality.

NEW Save Enscape Sun Positions in Views

  • Use new slider controls and input fields for more accurate sun positions
  • Easily add the final touches to natural light and relate it to each view

NEW Update Views

  • Save time by no longer needing to create new views
  • Capture the best angle for final presentations by easily adjusting views

NEW Interior Design Assets & Materials

  • Assess the functionality of an interior space with the right assets
  • Reduce time spent looking for materials online for your interior project

NEW Improved Reflections

  • Enjoy more detailed reflections in your design scenes
  • Impress clients and win work with realistic-looking visualisations

What else is new with Enscape 3.4?

Archicad 26, Revit 2023 & Vectorworks 2022 SP3 support

You can now use Enscape with the latest versions of ArchiCAD, Revit & Vectorworks. 


Enscape Subscription License

– Annual subscription license
– Free locally based NZ support
– Unlimited access to all future releases & updates