Go!SCAN Spark Demo

Creaform’s Go!SCAN Spark – the easiest 3D scanning experience, generating fast and reliable measurements.

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Design & Architecture: Sketch, Design / Build in Practice

Tom Kaneko is an architectural designer and SketchUp ninja specializing in bespoke residential retrofits and extensions in the United Kingdom. In this conversation, we delve into his workflow and how he uses SketchUp to deliver value to his clients within the constraints of a tight budget.

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Make (even) better drawings with LayOut

For presenting work to clients, planning boards, contractors — whomever — we still use 2D drawings to convey design and detail. That’s pretty clear. And if you read this blog you’ll see that LayOut is the most efficient way to turn SketchUp models into diagrams, drawings, CD sets, presentations, or even just scaled prints.

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