Bevel Tool

$89.00 NZD +GST

Bevel‘ is a brand new SketchUp Extension for Rounding and Beveling Edges.
It is powerful and a pure joy to use, especially if you’ve been using Follow Me to create fillets and chamfers until now.

Perpetual License – never expires and includes access to all future upgrades.

100% NZ owned and operated – Buy from us for local support.

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Round Edges Easily with the ESSENTIAL Bevel tool for SketchUp!

  • Create fillets, chamfers, and bevel edges in SketchUp with ease!
  • ‘Bevel’ is SketchUppy.  It is easy-to-use, intuitive, and has that intangible feel only SketchUp tools can provide.
  • Non-Destructive ‘Live’ Bevels!  Apply a bevel to an entire group and component.  Make changes to the geometry and the bevel updates automatically!  (Kind of like a Bevel Modifier in other apps)
  • Auto-Soften and Clean-up Edges.  Includes built-in tools to quickly soften / harden edges and clean-up messy geometry.  These tools are crucial for getting the best possible bevel results.
  • Pairs well with Artisan 2.  Like Artisan 2, Bevel works with non-planar quads.
  • ‘Bevel’ is FUN!  Rounding edges in SketchUp with ‘Bevel’ is truly an enjoyable and even addicting experience!