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Improve and speed up 2D/3D modelling

UNDET quickly locates and visualizes point cloud views of any size in the AutoCAD environment, regardless of the 3D measurement equipment and photogrammetry software used: Faro, Trimble, Leica, Z+F, Reigl, Topcon, DOT Product, PIX4D, Autodesk Recap, Agisoft, RealityCapture, DroneDeploy, 3DF Zephyr…

By using the UNDET plugin, you will enhance your workflow and speed up the following kinds of point cloud-related projects:

  • 2D drawings, floor plans, building elevations and sections extraction
  • 3D concept & 3D mass modelling
  • 3D site & topographic modelling
  • Ground surface modelling
  • Deformation analysis

High performance and easy to use

The user interface of Undet is designed to be intuitive so that all the tools are quick to access, and easy to use. Point Cloud visualization and slicing tools have a separate tool palette, and the top ribbon menu contains the most commonly used tools for 2D / 3D modelling, automatic feature extraction, and point cloud analysis.
Undet for AutoCAD interface
Undet for AutoCAD import point cloud faster

Fast indexing (project creation time)

Create an UNDET project from your point cloud data 3 – 7 times faster than using Autodesk ReCap software (comparison video).

Skip Autodesk ReCap and start working faster!


Automatic feature extraction for 3D modelling

Automatic Feature Extraction

Auto feature extraction tools to achieve maximum accuracy of extracting/extruding/fitting AutoCAD solids to point cloud points.
Auto multi lines from point clouds

Auto Multi-Line

Automatically creates and fits a line to point cloud points to create a multi polyline achieving the highest accuracy.
Point cloud coloring and vizualisation in Autocad

Point Cloud Visualisation

Point cloud visualisation & advanced colouring management tools to rapidly see the finest details of point clouds.

Deformation analysis from point clouds

Deformation Analysis Tools

Random tools to compare your object to the point cloud to check for accuracy or generate deformation analysis reports.
Draping tools to point cloud or surface

Draping Tools​

Automatically drapes polylines, blocks, points to the mesh surface or point cloud points finding the actual ground surface by eliminating noise (bushes, trees, cars etc).

Ground surface meshing from point cloud in AutoCAD

Ground Surface Meshing

Surface meshing and editing tools, to extract the ground surface level from unclassified point cloud data, by eliminating real-world objects (trees, cars, noise, poles etc).

Find axis from point clouds

Find Axis Tools

Automatically finds axis from visible point cloud points, and draws axis lines longer than 10 meters in length.
UCS set up for AutoCAD 3d modelling based on point clouds 1

Work Plane (UCS) Tools

Advanced reference tools for fast set up of UCS to point cloud points, 3D models, or to manage/change active view orientation.
Find auto UCS be selected lines

UCS Tools Finder

Finds the most reliable UCS direction from selected lines, with an option to align the rest of the lines to selected UCS.

Undet for AutoCAD coordinates system

Georeferenced Data Support

Coordinates and Unit selection tools to manage the coordinates system. Rotate & Move the point cloud to the existing model or move it to optimised coordinates for 3D modelling.
Point cloud LAS classification in AutoCAD

Logic Classes Management

Point cloud Logic Classes creation and visibility management tools, including LAS/LAZ files standard for classification import.
Orthophoto creation tools from point clouds

Orthophoto Creation

Tools to generate orthophoto images from visible point cloud points.
point cloud roll out and

Roll-out & Export

Unroll an active Undet view section according to the selected polyline configuration and export as a new UNDET project.
Undet for AutoCAD 3D smart board


Smartboard tool for precise structural elements modelling, which has different shapes and angles.
Undet for AutoCAD 3D browser integration

Undet Browser Integration

The Undet browser connects the scan data from your Undet project with the FARO SCENE Webshare Cloud service, allowing you to view objects or situations in 3D panoramic images.

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