Undet for SketchUp

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Undet for SketchUp is the only add-on in the market that will allow you to use any size point clouds directly in SketchUp.

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The easiest way to create 3D models using point cloud data.

High performance with large point clouds

Create point cloud projects with Undet Indexer from a wide range of scanners: airborne, mobile mapping, terrestrial or any other 3D sensors. 

undet pointcloud
sketchup scan management4

Comprehensive data management

Combine individual scan stations into groups: for each floor/level, outside or separated scans.
Control visibility of created groups or individual scans stations/files.

Interactive coloring management

Use the different color settings to get the clearest possible view:

• RGB | Intensity | By plane or height

• Adjust transparency

• Change point cloud point size


Interactive visibility management

Use the clipping box to navigate between point clouds. The clipping box can be moved to any area of a point cloud to see a more detailed view by using the arrows attached to the sides of the clipping box.

Create new clipping box: By Line, By Rectangle.

Enrich SketchUp scenes with point clouds

Add point clouds to SketchUp Scenes. All options can be saved for each scene regardless of the different point clouds settings.


Ground terrain extraction (Surface meshing)

Extract ground terrain mesh model from unclassified point clouds

Undet for SketchUp video overview

How to model in SketchUp from point cloud

Supported SketchUp PRO versions: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

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