The Complete Guide to SketchUp Pro – PDF

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The Complete Guide to SketchUp Pro – Step-by-step Tutorials covering everything from the basic tools to advanced modelling workflows. Written by 3dacademy.
Available in downloadable PDF format only.

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Whether you are looking to learn the basics or hone your skills and get winning tips, The Complete Guide to SketchUp Pro will give you the tools you need. This SketchUp guide book encompasses all aspects of the software, demonstrates the complete set of commands, and is accompanied by examples, exercises, and screenshots. It is adapted to all versions of SketchUp and is suitable for professionals of the extended design community.


“This book is detailed and comprehensive and includes practical exercises after every subject or explanation.”
– Michal Rothschild, interior Designer.

“The book is written in a clear and professional way, and acts as a constant and confident guide. I return to it again and again.”
– Adi Baum-Tamir, Landscape Architect.

“This book is written very practically and includes instructions for using the program. It is so much more than other books in its field.”
Ron Lopovitz, Product Designer.

From the Back Cover

This book was written with the desire of helping people understand Sketchup. I realised that my life experience has given me the ability to explain and simplify things related to computer software and Sketchup in particular. The first book was written in Hebrew 11 years ago and it has thickened and sharpened over the years. From my work as an interior designer and teacher of SketchUp, I constantly improved and adapted the book to the syllabus of the SketchUp course – while providing a concise solution for users of computer software. The exercises that appear in the book are comprehensive: from manual sketching, through preparing a vector file from CAD software to taking a photo and inserting an image. All the exercises were created and taken from real projects I completed. All of these include detailed work processes, accompanied by multiple screenshots.
– Yael Kedem, Interior Designer, 3dacademy.