Enscape version 3.2 is out now!

Design dynamically with the brand-new Dynamic Asset Placement and bring designs closer to reality with the Green Building Assets and Materials collections. Looking to create vivid visualisations? Streamline your design workflow with the Batch Panorama and Uploads Update features and give clients a better presentation experience with the Panorama Tour.

Experience more vivid visualisations with Enscape 3.2

NEW Dynamic Asset Placement

  • Select, place, and edit assets from the Enscape Asset Libraries
  • Avoid switching between tools and enjoy an optimized workflow

NEW Green Building Assets and Materials

  • Create vivid visualisations with the right assets and materials
  • Eliminate time spent looking for green building assets and materials online

NEW Batch Panorama

  • Save time by rendering multiple panoramas at the same time
  • Benefit from a more efficient design and visualisation workflow

NEW Panorama Tour

  • Enhance the panorama viewing experience for clients
  • Enjoy a new way to communicate your ideas and projects

NEW Uploads Update

  • Prevent fractured workflows and enjoy a seamless project sharing experience
  • Ensure everyone is one the same page when it comes to project reviews

What else is new with Enscape 3.2?

Ray-Traced Sun Shadows

If you have an RTX graphics card you will experience sharper and more accurate shadows that will enhance the quality of your renders and can be enjoyed in any exported image, panorama exports, and rest mode in walkthrough.

Raytraced ON scaled jpg

Simplified Assets

We have an exciting Enscape Asset Library update for you – we have launched a range of simplified assets that are low poly and come with a simple, white appearance. These assets are ideal for use in early design phases to give clients and colleagues an idea of your vision without distracting them from the core elements of your design. They provide the perfect placeholders to give context, but without any complexity or specificity. Within this initial batch of simplified assets are people, buildings, vegetation, furniture, and vehicles.


Enscape Subscription License

– Annual subscription license
– Free locally based NZ support
– Unlimited access to all future releases & updates